In the Spring of 2001 we saw a need to help hockey players shop online for hockey equipment. Our initial goal/service was to price compare hockey equipment side-by-side and let visitors view the prices in one place instead of jumping around from site to site. We even went as far as calling up hockey vendors, asking the prices on “call to get price” items and posting them on our site.

Our first partnership and revenue came from 1800Faceoff.com, before they were purchased by Perani’s and the site redirected. After that, we then entered into an affiliate relationship with HockeyGiant.com. This was beneficial to both parties because they provided us special deals and coupons and we publicized them to our growing base of visitors. HockeyGiant.com ended their affiliate program in 2009 year but we still endorse them as a great place to buy hockey equipment.

A few years ago we came across IceWarehouse.com. Now these guys do hockey equipment right. Not only is their website professionally updated, but they have gone above and beyond to bring hockey to the customer. They have videos, forums, membership savings and more.

Another partner who has stuck with us through the years and deserves a shout-out is TotalHockey.com. When it comes to hockey equipment, they are excellent. Their selection, prices, and service are at the top of the list and enough good things can’t be said about them.

Other than advertising NEW hockey equipment, we realized that players don’t always have money to purchase the latest and greatest brands. Players have always been buying and selling used hockey equipment between friends, family, and teamates. Our goal was to expand that network by allowing players post classified ads and get in touch with one another. We created a buy/sell used hockey equipment section of the site and have made it as easy to use as possible. We hope to continue to offer services such as this.

In the recent years, we also have started to dabble in selling hockey equipment. We are in transition to become a online retailer store, we have partnered with distributors such as MK3 Sticks.

Finally, we have to mention HowiesHockeyTape.com. We stumbled upon Howie because we were tired of paying $3 a roll at the ice rink and decided to save some money. After that initial transaction we got in touch with them and promote their products on our website.

We hope you find our content valuable and continue to come back and use our online services that we provide. Thanks for your visit and we hope you can help us spread the love of hockey!